Do HOA's work?

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Do HOA’s work?

An interesting question which we hear all the time. There is no definitive answer since every HOA is different. Most people we discuss this question with  say they have no idea what the HOA is doing. They just send in their monthly check and in the summer the grass gets cut, in the fall the leaves are picked up and in the winter the snow is plowed. Otherwise, they have no idea what their monthly contribution is used for.

HOA’s are actually legal not-for-profit corporations which are governed by the bylaws filed with the state the HOA resides in. The bylaws are necessary to ensure that specific guidelines are implemented and observed by members to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood. By following these guidelines the neighborhood is able to maintain property values and provide residents with a consistent and comfortable environment to live in. In addition the bylaws protect individual residents from inconsiderate n…

Single Point of Service and Software as a Service

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SINGLE POINT OF SERVICE"Single Point of Service" (SPS) is a new concept that is unique to The Accounting Outsource Center (The AOC). It provides clients with a comprehensive package of services for a single price per unit.By using The Accounting Outsource Center ( all the services you need to efficiently manage your association are provided by a single vendor. If you were to start a new business you would need the following services:Accounting software packageSpecific hardware that is compatible with the new softwareMaintenance contract to support the new softwareAccountant to run the softwareTraining to learn how to use the softwareWebsite design companyMaintenance contract for website maintenance A website that is designed in accordance with Search Engine Optimization guidelinesPayroll serviceCheck receipt processEach of these services has an initial cost and subsequent maintenance and suppo…

The Art of Property Management

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THE ART OF SELF MANAGEMENT What's required? Managing a home owners association has always been considered a difficult task. It's like running your own business. At the very least you need accounting support, a software package and volunteers willing to do the work.
This has all changed. There is finally a solution which allows board members to do exactly what they should be doing; managing the association. In a corporate environment you would not expect top management to be performing all the functions required to operate a business. Corporate management needs information which is reliable, current and easily accessible in order to make decisions.
This also holds true for associations. As a board member you need accurate information to make informed decisions. You need a process which allows member feedback and communicati…